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What is hosted exchange What is Outlook Anywhere?Microsoft Outlook Web Access
Benefits of using Outlook Anywhere What are the benefits of using Outlook Anywhere?
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The top 7 Reasons for choosing Outlook Anywhere

  1. This is more then just email it is Microsoft Exchange, with everything it has to offer.
  2. Lower cost and hassle compared to managing your own Exchange Server.
  3. Peace of mind with improved Disaster Recovery: All your Outlook data is backed up daily in our data centre.
  4. Better Security: Advanced Anti-spam and Anti-virus filtering.
  5. Improved Flexibility: Unlike owning a server, with Outlook Anywhere you are not locked into hardware that becomes obsolete.
  6. Future Proof: Outlook Anywhere includes all the new features in Exchange 2007 when available mid this year.
  7. You are fully supported by Vistra's support desk

If you currently have Exchange 2003 server, and are thinking about upgrading to 2007 now or in the future, then you need to know that this will mean buying a new server as you require a 64bit processor to run 2007. With Outlook Anywhere you can avoid that hassle.

This is a very cost effective way for everyone to benefit from:

  • Work from Anywhere - view your emails / calendar and global contacts from anywhere you have an internet connection with Outlook Web Access.
  • Share Calendar and Centralised Contacts information between colleagues - quickly and easily set up meetings.
  • Work on the move - Get “Push” emails & calendaring to your PDA or push mobiles so you are always up-to-date.

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