Office Communicator

Vistra can provide Microsoft Hosted Live Communication Server or as we call it “Office Communicator”. This is the first Enterprise grade Instant Messaging product on the market which means that it is secure and fully supported (in the same way as Outlook Anywhere).

What are the business benefits of Office Communicator?

Improved Communication Efficiency

See when your colleagues are online and available. Your presence status means you can save money so you can make more successful calls as you will see when people are busy or in a meeting.

Send instant messages from your Mobile

Vistra provides mobile access to Office Communicator. Using a Windows Mobile5 or Blackberry you are able to send and receive instant messages and view your colleagues status so you can choose the appropriate communication method.

Secure corporate Instant Messaging

Unlike some other Instant Messaging products, Vistra's Office Communicator uses state of the art encryption and security protocols to ensure the security of your business IT. As with all our products our telephone support function means you can talk to our friendly team to resolve any technical issues.

Fully Integrated with Outlook with Unified Messaging Capability

Office Communicator is fully integrated with Outlook Anywhere so that colleagues can see from your status when you are in meetings as per your Calendar schedule. With Microsoft Exchange 2007 this integration will move many steps further forward with features including PBX integration. This will mean:

  • Office Communicator users can see when you are on the phone
  • Activate voice calls from your PC contact lists
  • Voicemails & faxes will arrive in your Inbox just like emails

Office Communicator

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