Outlook Mobile Service (OMS)

Integrates your Mobile with Outlook via SMS Text.

1. Send Texts from Outlook…

With OMS you can easily communicate via SMS with your colleagues / suppliers or customers no matter which mobile network they use.

Simply add users from your Outlook mobile contact list and type your message the “smart preview pane” shows you how many messages will be sent.

Reply Messages - when recipients reply via text, the messages are converted back to email and land in your inbox!

The smart preview pane shows the total number of messages to be sent.



2. Get your Appointments when you are OUT of the OFFICE…

Send Calendar reminder Alerts via text to your Mobile.

Forgetting an appointment in your calendar can be frustrating, annoying and even embarrassing…

OMS has a feature to give you Calendar reminders while you are out and about including the details as if you were looking at Outlook.

You can even receive a Summary Calendar Alert for the next days appointments!



3. Receive E-Mails as texts…

When a customer or the boss is sending you an important email its probably worth knowing about it…

With OMS you can read those emails as texts on your phone, keeping you one step ahead.

Outlooks mobile settings window

For more information or a FREE trial please call Ben Wilson on 07 958 6841.
Download Outlook Mobile Service brochure.