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What is hosted exchange What is Outlook Anywhere? Microsoft Outlook Web Access
Benefits of using Outlook Anywhere What are the benefits of using Outlook Anywhere?
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Vistra brings you Outlook Anywhere. A hosted email solution for New Zealand businesses from a single user up using the very latest in Microsoft Exchange Hosted email technology.

I already have email, so why do I need hosted email?

Many businesses rely on basic POP3 email accounts from their internet service provider or even web mail. These are not usually ideal for business:

  • No backup and limited spam and virus protection - you run the risk of losing email because it is not stored and backed up properly.
  • You can't share your diary easily with colleagues
  • They're often less secure and reliable than business-class email systems
  • Limited features, for example no support for collaboration
  • Less flexible access to your email via your mobile phone or PDA

Some users who have made the switch say: “It amazes people who haven't seen it before - it is way beyond what POP3 email could ever offer”

Why hosted email is different...

Using the latest mirroring and synchronization technology developed by Microsoft, Vistra's Outlook Anywhere is a hosted email solution that provides server technology and functionality without the need for expensive mail server hardware.

Why hosted email is better...

Outlook Anywhere has huge business benefits:

  • Access information from anywhere
  • Highest security and protection available. Outlook Anywhere includes platinum grade anti-spam and anti-virus services
  • Collaborate with colleagues across multiple sites (shared calendar / resources)
  • Fully backed up. All your email data is backed up daily without fail
Outlook Anywhere

Why hosted email is cost effective...

With Outlook Anywhere your costs are significantly lower than building your own infrastructure in house. Here are the top 3 reasons:

  • Future proof - we buy the server hardware so you don't have to
  • Get the latest version of Microsoft Hosted Exchange without extra cost
  • Our economies of scale through our millions of dollars of IT investment means that the per user cost is significantly lower (from 80 cents per day!)

Outlook Anywhere and Hosted Blackberry

Vistra can provide an enhanced Blackberry “push” service to Outlook Anywhere users:

  • OTA (Over The Air) synching with nearly instantaneous delivery of:
    emails / contacts and calendaring information
  • View Word / Excel / Powerpoint and PDF documents
  • No need to buy expensive server hardware

Coming Soon - Outlook 2007 uses SMS technology

Outlook 2007 comes with some handy text services for those people who want information on the move but don't want a Blackberry or Mobile5 device.

For example:

  • Get calendar appointment text alerts
  • Send texts from Outlook
  • Get your emails sent by text
  • Fully Configurable

Contact Fabien Degueldre on 07 958 6843 or email: to find out more.