Partner Programme

Vistra offers generous incentives to partners who resell our services.

Examples of our partners:
  • IT hardware suppliers
  • Internet service providers
  • PC repair companies
  • PC training and support companies
  • Franchised resellers

What would I be responsible for?

As a Vistra partner you would be responsible for:
  • Signing end users to terms and conditions
  • Providing customer support

What would Vistra be responsible for?

Vistra would provide the infrastructure and support to enable you to deliver a quality product to your customers. We would also provide marketing and sales assistance.

Can I sell other services alongside Outlook Anywhere?

Yes there are lots of opportunities to sell services alongside the Vistra products which can be bundled or provided free to secure business:
  • Set up and migration charges
  • Training
  • PC support

If you are interested in becoming a Vistra partner please send an email to: